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In addition to restaurants, bars, cafeterias and other facilities that prepare, serve and sell food, Hamilton County Public Health also licenses and inspects temporary food service operations in Hamilton County.

Temporary food service operation licenses are required for any person/group who wishes to prepare and sell food for 5 consecutive days or fewer in the same location. Examples of this include booths at community festivals or fairs, yard sales and school booster events. View Food Operation Licensing Fees.

Facilities that already have a permanent food service operation license must also apply for a temporary license if they plan to prepare and sell food outside their facility walls (in a tent on their property, at a community festival).

Churches are not required to apply for a temporary license if the food will be sold on church property and all proceeds will go back to the church.

The following information will help you apply for a temporary food service license.

Authorization to conduct a temporary food service operation will be issued upon inspection of your food booth by Health District personnel. To prevent delays in opening your booth it is suggested that you be completely operational at least one hour prior to the event’s starting time.